Offering our lifetime of cattle breeding experience to assist producers in the Asia-Pacific Region

Gunthorpe Cattle Consulting

Gunthorpe Cattle Consulting recognises the rising demand in the Asia/Pacific region for Australian cattle genetics and expertise and offer our lifetime of cattle breeding experience to assist producers in the region to establish productive, profitable and efficient cattle breeding operations.

Our services to clients includes cattle selection for export, yard designs, water infrastructure, disease control, nutrition, animal health and welfare, breeding program design and selection, Artificial Insemination programs as well as long term management support.

We can offer our clients a one on one consultancy to establish their cattle operation. Gunthorpe Cattle Consulting are prepared to travel to any location to assist our clients build the best possible cattle facilities and to source the most suitable cattle.

For clients wishing to visit Australia, we can provide a personalised guided tour of the diverse Australian cattle industry, including large grassfed cattle properties supplying a variety of markets to feedlots and slaughter facilities.

Wallace has worked on projects in Vietnam and Cambodia consulting on cattle selection, yard design, water infrastructure, disease control, nutrition, animal welfare, land clearing and management.

Both Wallace and Adam are qualified Artificial Insemination technicians and will travel to assist with artificial breeding programs.

Gunthorpe Cattle Consulting is very pleased to have worked with Olive Brahmans in the past and are happy to continue this relationship with the well respected Australian Brahman family.

Olive Brahmans have done some very successful work in Thailand establishing a Brahman herd and the infrastructure required.

We at Gunthorpe Cattle Consulting know that working with Olive Brahmans we can deliver very sound advice on genetics, infrastructure and management second to none.

  • Superior Cattle Genetics
  • Selecting Export Cattle
  • Yard Design
  • Pasture Development
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Management

Established in 1979, Tarramba Red Brahmans breeding objective is to concentrate on fertility, docile temperament, beef qualities and tropical adaptation.

We have sourced genetics from throughout the red Brahman world and are persistent in our selection policy to achieve genetic improvement.

Tarramba supplies high quality superior genetics to the seed stock Brahman herds, with bulls making up to $40,000. We are also regularly among the top sale averages at local sales.

We are a consistent supplier of large drafts of herd bulls to repeat buyer clients across northern Australia.

Tarramba has exported red Brahman cattle to Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

Artificial insemination, embryo transfer and in vitro fertilisation are used at Tarramba Red Brahmans to assist us to make faster genetic gain by increasing the number of progeny from our best cows and sires.

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